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Tamar Gur
One of the movement's founders
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Nir Yanovsky
Member of the Board of Directors
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Aviad Shmila
Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Israel Piekarsh  Movement's CEO

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Actually in the field we are establishing groundbreaking social institutions for mutual partnership between national, secular and religious groups in Israel.


We are establishing student villages for common and diverse populations in Israel. The villages will provide the program participants with cheaper housing and help them find their way into the private job market. In return they will do volunteer work for the community and participate in a population studies program.


We are working to produce joint tours and encounters to bring together a variety of groups among the Jewish people, as well as Jews and Palestinians, in order to create new symbols of Israeli brotherhood.


We are promoting a project on the Sabbath which will allow cultural and recreational institutions to operate in a format agreed upon by the secular public, the heads of the ultra-Orthodox public and the directors of cultural institutions, in order to create a new unity on the Sabbath day.


Later on we shall address the establishment of additional field institutions for partnership between Israeli groups that are far apart from one another, for the sake of all Israeli citizens wherever they may be.


Our constitutional positions and social institutions have received written support from the Israel Prize laureates, senior academics and mayors, formerly senior members of the defense establishment and clerics; Jews and Arabs, religious and secular Israelis, men and women. 'Anahnu' (Hebrew for 'we').


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